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R2 600,00Price
  • Mara Wall Art. 140 x 100 x 4 cm

    Design provides layers of texture and colour, but it’s artwork that breathes life into a space.

    Haus proudly introduces Metropolitan Art, a new range of premium framed wall art, printed on canvas. Generously proportioned, these 16 beautiful prints are loosely grouped in four sets. Inspired by gardens, Babylon, Equatorial, Eden and Savill are rich with foliage and saturated greens and golds (some with a foil finish). Contempo, Contour, Orbit and Matisse are organic abstracts with warm, earthy tones;
    Oriental, Urban, Mara and Zambezi move in a more graphic direction with a simple two-tone palette and Kwango, Ubungi, Nairobi and Cosmopolitan are modern statement pieces inspired by traditional design. Their impact punches way above their price-point. Bold in concept and colour, Metropolitan Art provides both palette and focal point … or simply the perfect finishing touch.

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